Multitool Black

€ 6,95

MultiTool: The first compact tool of its kind, the YoYoFactory® MultiTool serves three very important purposes:

1) One side of the Multitool offers a high-strength bearing removal tool, intended to remove even the toughest large bearings from your YoYos.

2) On the opposite side of the Multitool is a string cutter, which enables you to adjust and cut your string length with ease.

3) Protruding from the bottom of the Multitool is a hex key to remove and insert your yoyo axle.

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Multitool Black


be.yoyo Yoyofactory Multitool Use



What: Multitool

To do 1: String Cutter

To do 2: Bearing Removal

To do 3: Hex Key for Axle