The Yoyofactory Arrow Yoyo is a new beginners - advanced yoyo. The Arrow offers a comfortable butterfly shape and a variety of colors to choose from.This yoyo comes also with two different bearings. The Half Spec slim bearing is perfect for learning to master the basics of yoyoing. Switch out the slim bearing for the upgraded SPEC bearing, and the Arrow becomes a modern performance beast, capable of handling the toughest tricks in the game. The difference with the One is that the Arrow spins longer and is equipped with a 'vingerspin hub'. He's also a little bit heavier and more stable. These properties make the Arrow a bit more suitable to perform longer and more difficult tricks.



Arrow Yellow

€ 14,45

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Arrow Geel

Arrow Red

€ 14,45

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Arrow Rood

Arrow Blue

€ 14,45

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Arrow Blauw



Recommended for: Intermediate

Type of Play: 1A / 3A / 5A

Shape: Butterfly

Material: Plastic

Type: (Un)responsive

Weight: 64,1 g

Diameter: 58,5 mm

Width: 42 mm

Gap: 2,8 - 4,3 mm

Bearing: Size C

Response: CBC slim pad 19 mm