Space Cadet Black

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The next step in horizontal finger spin technology is here! The Space Cadet implements a unique bowl design that guides your finger to the exact spot needed to keep a long finger spin! Once your finger settles in the bowl of the Space Cadet, the yoyo will spin horizontally for a LONG time. On top of this, stability and playability are at a maximum with steel rims combined with a precision-machined aluminum body. The comfortable shape and the long-spinning Center Trac bearing make the Space Cadet a stand-out design.

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Space Cadet Black

Space Cadet Red

€ 89,95

be.yoyo Yoyofactory Space Cadet Blue
be.yoyo Yoyofactory Space Cadet Red

Space Cadet Blue

€ 89,95





Recommended for: Advanced

Type of Play: 1A / 3A / 5A

Shape: Butterfly

Material: Bimetal

Type: Unresponsive

Weight: 65 g

Diameter: 56 mm

Width: 43,3 mm

Gap: 4,5 mm

Bearing: Size C Center Trac

Response: CBC slim pad 19 mm